Artificial hedges plants make successful vocal concert event!

The purpose of all ornaments is to add interest to the whole atrium. A vocal concert, hall or reception area decoration is to relieve the bareness of the interior and add a spirit of cheerfulness to the occasion. As for a vocal concert, which need abundant decoration to add beauty to the site ir to build a cheerful atmosphere, the Read more about Artificial hedges plants make successful vocal concert event![…]

What’s UV-Protection & How to Test it in Artificial Plants

For outdoor application, artificial hedges plants should be UV-protected for years to keep best lifelike green appearance. How to make it happen? Let’s get to know what are UV rays & how to make plastic plants UV-engineered.  According to the wavelength, UV rays can be divided into three categories – UVA, UVB&UVC. UVA 320-400nm It can penetrate Read more about What’s UV-Protection & How to Test it in Artificial Plants[…]

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10 Artificial Landscaping Ideas

>>Artificial plants wall Here is a 3D type with high quality design, you could install artificial plants according to your own requirement. The basic design is using one type artificial leave hedge as backing, then you could choose different types artificial foliage bunches to add three-dimensional sense. It could be widely used in Shopping malls or business buildings~ Read more about 10 Artificial Landscaping Ideas[…]

Green Hedges Transform Terrible Graffiti Into A Living Wall Art

When people talk about graffiti, some consider it street art while some consider it vandalism. Good works, of course, should be respected. But graffiti here, I mean, refer to those terrible meaningless scratches on public walls, some kind of property destruction. Look at the following pictures. Graffiti lovers always feel excited to look for a Read more about Green Hedges Transform Terrible Graffiti Into A Living Wall Art[…]

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Indoor Privacy Dividers for Restaurants

People who eat in the restaurants usually do need a privacy space, every booth around, people eating, laughing, and talking about things. It’s very important to build an elegant and private environment for restaurant. Then how to choose the material used to build such a appropriate environment for customers? The new product PANEL made up Read more about Indoor Privacy Dividers for Restaurants[…]