Artificial grass fence leaf design suppliers

 In modern days, more and more artificial plants pour into the landscape and decoration fields. Apart from those popular fake moss and grass, another leafy design faux fence begin to wield the ax in the field in landscape and architect. Artificial hedges which are called artificial grass fence leaf design are now widely accepted in both residential and commercial area. There are many foliage designs for artificial hedges like the classic boxwood, juniper and laurel. Check its sample here:

These botanically correct greenery is great wall plants in different designs like logos, green backdrop and gaps filling.

Although these foliage mats are usually used in small residential home or office decor, the large architectural design also starts to apply this UV and dire-retarded plants in outdoor projects. Check one of this effect below:

Whether for these large contract or for retails business, find a artificial hedges factory who supply this leafy design panels is a perfect idea for this business. Artificial plants like Sunwing would be a perfect choice for you. Check our varieties through our websites: