How to Maintain Artificial Plants

At present, whether it is home decoration or large shopping malls, restaurants, commercial complexes, public spaces, etc., artificial plants are used to decorate the surrounding environment. There are many kinds of artificial plants for indoor and outdoor decorations, and different plants can create different styles.

Advantages of Artificial Decorative Plants

Considering factors such as climate, variety, etc., artificial plants have more choices than real plants and give designers more possibilities for decoration design.

Mostly, the growth cycle of ornamental plants is relatively short. If you need to ensure the effect of decoration, you need to replace them frequently, which will be more expensive.

In addition, artificial plants have more advantages in terms of form, they are easy to install and disassemble, and can meet more decorative needs.

Conservation Methods of Faux Plants

Generally speaking, artificial plants do not need to be maintained, but regular care and maintenance can prolong their service life and keep their beauty. We will introduce the precautions below for maintenance according to some characteristics of artificial plants.

  1. Normal artificial plants are made of PE materials, and some use silk cloth. When used as decorations, try to stay away from candlesticks, candles, incense, and other fire sources. Although many products can be added with fireproof materials to achieve the purpose of flame retardancy according to demand, it will also cause deformation or even damage to artificial products.
  2. Avoid placing it next to equipment or instruments that generate a lot of heat, because the faux plant is made of harmless green environmental protection materials through high-temperature fusion, with some characteristics of plastic products, the ultra-high temperature is easy to cause deformation or discoloration.
  3. If the product you purchased does not have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays, please do not expose it to the hot sun for a long time, otherwise, it will speed up the fading speed and gradually lose their bright colors.
  4. Although most artificial plants can withstand the sunlight and rain, please avoid putting them in water for a long time, especially hot water, which will easily cause color fading.
  5. When placed for a long time and not cleaned up, artificial plants will stick with dust. There are different cleaning steps indoors and outdoors. For specific methods, please refer to the figure below.

Although there are many points to pay attention to when maintaining artificial plants, in general, it is more convenient to take care of than real plants, and the maintenance method is also very simple so that you can have a lot of time and energy to do other things, so it is very popular among many countries.

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