June 15, 2017


Premium Artificial hedge Manufacturer in the industry!

With ten-year exprience of dealing faux hedges export, we have grown into a industry leader with hedge productivity of 5000sqm/month! 

We produce various lifelike hedges for your fencing choices!

With professional botanist team,  our versatile artificial foliage is the most botantically correct with continuous variety to come out.

Enjoy perfect leisure with artificial boxwood hedge for your patio/balcony privacy!

Traditional outdoor-rated faux boxwood hedge can be installed for safeguarding privacy, reducing background noise and getting instant beauty.

Artificial vertical garden makes Instant aesthetic garden and everlasting green wall true!

We design artificial vertical garden and green wall for all interior or exterior, residential or commercial applications!

Artificial boxwood in planter with wheels can be movable and reusable!

Artificial hedges in planter or in through can perfectly create privacy, denote boundries and beautify environment.

Letters, logos or scuptures can be shaped by artificial hedges!

Artificial green sculptures can be custom made to make great event decor and work as green branding promotion tools.

Artificial boxwood topiary balls can be applied to decorate any occassions!

Green topiaries are appliable for both indoors & outdoors and make great front porch ornaments and interior design decoration accessories.

Artificial expendable willow lattice is designed for flexible fencing!

Willow Trellis with foliage can be stretched for different shapes to cover unsightly views or surfaces for your property.

Artificial Foliage hedges help create an exotic privacy or wind screen. Artificial foliage plants panels for fence or wall are perfect landscaping neccessity for both indoors and outdoors.