Why Sunwing only produces quality artificial hedges & plants?

With 15 years’ experiences in landscaping industry, Sunwing is always trying its best to manufacture products of high-quality. Sunwing’s artificial hedging products have been exported to over 50 countries so far. And we still attempt to develop a larger market all over the world, to make our products suitable for even harsh environment area, to make your place full with natural green, to make your life more comfortable with artificial plants!

In order to pursuit this target, Sunwing only produces high-quality artificial plants, there are mainly three reasons.

  • We aim at serving clients as per requirements, not a one-time business. Only good products with good quality can appeal long-term partnership. So quality comes first, services come first.
  • The second reason is that, as the same principle, only high-quality products can survive in the cruel competence compared with poor quality. This is a lesson come out from one of our clients, some products with not so good quality shows bad presentation in the market. Check out the below picture, which imply recycled PE material will not stay stability in sunshine.

Artificial hedge with low quality material, not only the simulation degree is low, but also can’t withstand high temperature and UV rays. Sunwing’s products are made of 100% new fresh PE, the foliage are very similar to the natural plants, even mix the false with the genuine. With UV protected, artificial plants can be used for a long time for both inside and outside.

  • The third reason is Sunwing as an international brand, and a professional manufacturer, our brand are widely acclaimed as high quality and good services. Because we are the factory, in order to manufacture products whichcan resist many bad weather in some area such as California, Florida, Africa and other places.

Sunwing has been strictly controlling the quality of products, customer’s feedback is always a best motivation for us to move forward!